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The Company

Baskerville Press - John Murray
Spring 2023

The Spirit Photographer

The Overlook Press
Spring 2018


Nicholas Nickleby: Equity vs. Law

Oxford Handbook to Charles Dickens
Oxford University Press, 2018

Introduction to Great Expectations

Barnes and Noble, New York
December 2012

The Many Forms of Dickens's Great Expectations

The Guardian Online
Wednesday 29 December 2010

The Dickens Universe: a tale of two traditionally separate audiences

The Guardian Online
Tuesday 6 August 2010

Why a Christmas Carol was a Flop for Dickens

The Guardian Online
Tuesday 22 December 2009

The Woman in White's 150 Years of Sensation

The Guardian Online
Thursday 26 November 2009

Reading Fiction's Readers

The Guardian Online
Tuesday 13 October 2009

Why Are We Still Reading Dickens?

The Guardian Online
Friday 4 September 2009

Dickens Goes Hollywood

San Francisco Chronicle
Sunday 25 January 1998