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The Value of Storytelling

Charles Dickens, Wilkie Collins, George Eliot
and the Business of Novel-writing in the Nineteenth Century

Copyright © 2011 by Jon Michael Varese

Title page

Table of Contents
List of Figures


The Life of the Author

Part I: Charles Dickens and Nicholas Nickleby

Chapter 1: Pickwick Papers, Nicholas Nickleby, and Chapman and Hall
Chapter 2: Dickens and Richard Bentley
Chapter 3: Making and Breaking Contracts in Nicholas Nickleby
Chapter 4: Making and Breaking More Contracts

Part II: Wilkie Collins and The Woman in White

Chapter 5: Collins Before the Woman: "Fighting to Get On"
Chapter 6: Authorship and Legitimacy in The Woman in White
Chapter 7: Collins at the Top of the Tree

Part III: George Eliot and The Mill on the Floss

Chapter 8: George Eliot and Her Suitors
Chapter 9: Competition and Courtship in The Mill on the Floss
Chapter 10: Eliot, Smith, and the Great Temptation


Appendix A: Dickens's agreements with his publishers, 1836-1840
Appendix B: George Eliot's novels in the Victorian marketplace, 1857-1863